My Adventure

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my very first blog …. yyyaaayyyy!

My Adventure-Relaxed and Chilled out
Relaxed and chilled out

Here is a little information about myself : I love anything that is colourful, glittery, pretty and cute. I enjoy quiet times for reading, yoga and understanding life and adventurous times for living outdoors, hiking, having fun and exploring. Music, movies and creative crafts also keep me busy. I have great respect for my spirituality and therefore prayer and meditation is vitally important to my daily routine.

My Husband, John and I are proud owners of a beautiful property on the South Coast of KZN, called Bazley Beach.

My Adventure- Pictures of Bazley Beach
Pictures of Bazley Beach

These are some of the beautiful pictures we have taken at Bazley. Our dream is to build an amazing LOG home here. This little paradise has now become our dream destination, dream home and place of sanctuary for the future. This is close to our hearts and we wanted to document the greatness that GOD has provided us with and the abundance with which HE continues to bless us with.


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  1. johnvanhuyssteen says:

    I love this.


    1. Charlene says:

      Ah..thank you so very much.


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